Since everyone is shedding light on Sam Pepper for all of his sexual harassment towards women in his videos, I think we need to visit a topic that has never really been fully brought to everyone’s attention. Which is Shane Dawson.

Aside from his obvious blackface:




He has so many “characters” of hispanic and african american descent that are horribly offensive. He tacks on offensive “ghetto” accents and tangled cheap wigs and gives the characters the stereotypical racial persona’s like prostitutes, criminals, maids, cholas, etc.

Just a random example of one of his characters that is a maid with an offensive hispanic accent who he depicted having sex with a dog 


He was made popular for his character named Shanaynay who he’s played for years, every video the character is featured in contains extremely racist content. She’s depicted with a “ghetto” accent who makes horrible jokes. I mean there are countless videos of that character and every single one of them contain racist, homophobic, sexist and just outright offensive slurs and jokes. Just go to youtube, type “shane dawson shanaynay” and dozens of videos will pop up and i guarantee each one will have extremely offensive jokes and content.


In character or not, Shane’s videos always contain rape jokes, molestation jokes, racist jokes, sexist jokes, pedophilic jokes and homophobic jokes. Whether he’s in a costume and wig while doing it or just him out of character speaking. I actually lost count on how many times this man has said “F**got” over the years.

I am just making this post based on personal experience watching these videos and I am 100% sure there is way more horrible stuff so if you have anymore to say about this please feel free to reblog and add it on because I didn’t even go into depth of his videos and this is what i found with just about 10 minutes of searching things up. 

Shane has been making youtube videos for over 5 years now and he’s slid by with no repercussion or consequences of his seriously offensive actions. 

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"Don’t take ~chemicals~ like prozac, I heard you can get the same effect by eating 19 oranges a day, that’s only 570 oranges a month!!!"

"Yeah I know you have horrible panic attacks but like, have you tried yoga?"

"Yeah I understand depression completely stops you from doing everyday tasks AND that you then feel guilty about that… But you have to just power through it and get on with things as normal!"

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Actually I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone comment on the fact that in the three years between ANH and ESB, Han Solo has still not firmly committed to the Alliance and has purposefully kept the door open for him to leave at any moment.

But I think this is important because it makes Leia’s attitude towards him in ESB totally understandable and pretty well justified. She doesn’t have time to let herself get attached to some mercenary with a fear of commitment. She’s got a rebellion to run, and if he’s not fully on board with that then she’s not interested.

And I really do think Leia wants Han to get on board with the Rebellion for its own sake, not just stick around because of her. She wouldn’t even consider a relationship with someone who wasn’t as firmly opposed to the Empire as she was - the ideological differences would just be too great.

Now obviously this is all complicated by the fact that Leia totally does care about Han anyway, but the reason she’s not about to admit it isn’t pride or insecurity.

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How to Draw Gesture.

This is very important. People have said they liked my drawings especially because the lines feel smooth, and dynamic. I’m merely applying the gestures and curves this guy is talking about. Like the video shows, it’s the feel of the drawing that comes first, through gesture, then add the details.

oh my god ok i normally don’t add comments on to stuff but this is so so so useful if you’re having a hard time with bodies please use gesture, here’s a website that gives you images with poses to draw. gesture helped me improve sooo much when it comes to drawing bodies and i really really recommend this to people having trouble

here’s a few more sites that are pretty great too for gesture drawing

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Video games are so weird. Hey you just killed a giant goat man, have a pair of shoes you’re not intelligent enough to wear.

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stop romanticizing unhealthy relationships.

stop thinking you can change someone. you can’t. they need to change for themselves.

stop romanticizing the idea of you two being together some day. if it isn’t happening now, let it go. 

no more pouring your heart out for someone who gives you little to no reciprocation. 

find someone who values your long letters and passionate attempts. this person will reciprocate, with twice as much fire.

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"We should see color. We should see religion. We should see homosexuality. We should see gender identity. We should see all the things that make people and the world different and not pretend that we are colorblind or that one story is enough to represent a whole group of people.

But we should also remember that most people have the same kinds of feelings and wants. Everyone wants to be the hero sometimes."

--Author Sara Farizan, “Everyone Wants To Be the Hero Sometimes” (CBC Diversity)

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